Take More Photos isn’t just our name; it’s our philosophy. This is why we believe the best camera is often the one you always have with you – your phone.

To kick-start 2020, we teamed up with UK-based network provider, Three, to host our second ‘Share More Knowledge’ event. Focusing on the notion that your phone is a powerful tool in your pocket, we invited our community to join us for a workshop covering mobile phone photography, workflows, and how some of our invited creatives use, shoot and edit on their phones.

As information travels faster than ever, having a mobile workflow with a trusted network ensures you will always be one step ahead. Hearing from popular creatives like Melis Ekrem, Jade Keshia Gordon, Afeez, and Rory Dewar, as well as marketing
executives from Three UK, workshop attendees left with a newfound appreciation for their mobiles.

This was also a great opportunity to work with and network with like-minded creatives whilst exploring how Three can assist them on their journey.

350+ RSVPs
150 Attendees
135,000 Social Engagements