Lovebox, London’s most revered party, approached Take More Photos in 2019 and requested our services to cover the festival’s and social media channels.

Founded by DJ’s Groove Armada, Lovebox has a reputation for being unlike any other festival. Playing host to an eclectic mix of world-famous performers, we developed a campaign to align with the festival’s foundations and constructed an immersive experience for all social channels: custom graphics, GIFs and videos that aligned with their innovative edge.

We believe in sharing success: when this alliance then evolved into an opportunity for wider collaboration, Take More Photos decided to launch a nationwide competition exclusively for content creators to win a chance to shoot alongside us at the festival.

20 winners were picked out of the 5,000 entries to receive an exclusive Take More Photos care package, along with VIP and Press Passes. These winners then captured the content of huge names including Solange, J Hus, Giggs, 2 Chainz and many more. This worked as a huge stepping stone, providing an exciting opportunity to gain experience, generate strong content and build their portfolios.

5,000 Entries
345,505 Impressions
135,245 Engagements