As one of the most influential sportswear brands globally, with a big focus on embracing local culture and creativity, we were drawn to adidas’ consistent efforts in supporting and engaging London’s creative community.

We worked with the brand to host our first ‘Share More Knowledge’ workshop and invited our followers to enter for the chance to win an exclusive spot at the limited-capacity event.

The workshop detailed the process of shooting a campaign from brief to final product. TMP’s co-founder, Mabdulle, photographers Ron & Ope and Adidas UK’s marketing team formed the panel, providing valuable tips and advice on creating a
campaign, pitching ideas, building strong network links and bolstering confidence to build a career in the industry.

Attendees were then provided with Adidas’ latest products to create their own content, receiving real-time feedback from the team to fine-tune their campaigns.

345 RSVPs
129,353 Impressions
53,782 Engagements