Take More Photos is a visual arts agency based in London representing and supporting creatives worldwide while also curating their own branded content.

Founded in 2018, the team noticed a gap in the market for visual artists across all industries.

Initially launching as an Instagram page, they began showcasing the platform as simply a space to highlight photographers and videographers, encouraging them to #TakeMorePhotos.

Around three months into starting, Take More Photos began marketing its brand in various ways, curating branded merchandise while hosting and collaborating on several networking events. Industry conglomerates also noticed their work that allowed the platform to host panel talks, giveaways, and so much more.

During the pandemic, Take More Photos began to think of alternative methods to grow their community while still being beneficial for visual artists, which launched the next stage of the brand, the Take More Photos Agency.

Today, our founder spearheads the agency that provides content for global brands with the community at its core. The mission is always to create trendy visuals whilst opening doors for an ever-growing new wave of young visual artists.

Providing a first-hand experience for individuals in all aspects of visual art that can be used to learn, network, and excel in their careers. Working with brands including Adidas, Spotify, Facebook, and Daily Paper, to name a few, TMP continues to grow its community with creatives at the forefront of its ethos.

Our Mission statement:

“Encouraging creatives to feel inspired, collaborate, create, learn, and succeed”

1.  Creating Content

2.  Having A Central Source of Information

3.  Fulfilling Creatives Needs and Providing Opportunities